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Connect the Civic Center to the River

Peoria, IL
Connect the Civic Center to the River

By creating a shared street concept on Fulton Street, the city can create a single, straight, park-like thoroughfare that passes from the Civic Center/Town Hall block, through downtown, in-between the Riverfront Museum and Caterpillar Visitor's Center, and straight to the future Riverfront Park.

The shared-street design would naturally lend itself to being closed off for events such as farmers markets, a holiday market, art fairs, etc. It provides and encourages access to several attractions, while becoming an attraction in itself.

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Debbie Ritschel Peoria, IL

Makes great sense to make it easy for people to circulate among Peoria attractions.

Anthony Corso Peoria, IL

There have been several proposals for this connection between civic / cultural amenities and the river since the late 90's including the Fulton Plaza ArtWalk proposal that was part of the 2014 regional sustainability plan (page 62)

Zach Borders Chicago, IL

Great concept and seems very appropriate for Fulton -- especially the portion between Jefferson and Adams. Here is additional coverage (+video) of the new shared street on Argyle in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood:

Robert Renner Chillicothe, IL

I have a written plan and drawing of how this might work from when I was publisher of the Community Word newspaper January 2000. If anyone is interested, I can mail it to you. The Civic Center and Pere Mqt. Hotel and Fulton St. need to be the main corridor to the riverfront, not Main Street or Adams or any of those parallel streets.

Robert Renner Chillicothe, IL

email Robert Renner at for a copy of my plan and editorials I wrote about it.

Zach Borders Oak Park, IL

This is also relevant to the campaign, "Re-Open Fulton Street", found in the Heart of Peoria Plan: