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Currently, Wabash Avenue is a southbound street with parking lanes on both sides, outside the ‘L’ columns. Parking is awkward as drivers have to weave through the columns to navigate to spaces. If the parking were removed and replaced with bike lanes, the ‘L’ columns would offer protection for cyclists, instead of being a pain for drivers.

D Patton Homer Glen, Illinois

As a frequent pedestrian the current parking situation is dangerous to all walking... Foot traffic not cars will help businesses, there are plenty of parking garages to pull into.

Dan Wulfing Highland Park, IL

I'm all for more bike lanes and less parking, but there are businesses along Wabash that you need to park at and run into, FedEx, Dunkin, etc. Why not just take one lane of parking out and leave one for parking?

Cecilia Gamba Chicago, IL

You don't NEED to park in front of any business. In fact, Wabash is currently so uninviting to walk or bike that I believe those businesses are missing out on customers. If even just a few of the suggested improvements were implemented, that would draw much more ped/bike traffic flow and consequently business for retail shops.

rusty flinchum Chicago, Illinois

Big need for this on Wabash, no doubt. The signs on the pillars like over on Wells, "Bikes may take full lane" actually do nothing. Need actual infrastracture


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